Faith In Climate Change

When there is no science, faith abounds. Faith that sacrificing children by casting them into active volcanoes would mollify the lava gods and stop the shaking. Science showed something else. Faith that one could come to the ends of the earth if one traveled far enough.  Science demonstrated something else.  Faith that the moon and stars were suspended in crystal orbs above our heads, until science showed something else. The varieties of faith are almost infinite as are the varieties of religions and gods.  They come and go as humans anthropomorphize the natural world around them. When enough courage and intelligence exists to look at the natural world without anthropomorphic projections, we begin to see the practice and beauty of science. We begin to see technology improving the human condition that up until the recent past has been nasty, brutish, and short. Dr Roy Spencer reminds us again of three simple things about faith and climate science.  Review those simple things and see if you are inclined to faith or science.  We do not wish to sacrifice eagles, hawks, or other wildlife and common sense on the wind turbine altars of the religion of climate change.  Conflict energy is what we have called that sacrifice.