Gifts, Bequests & Wish List

Donations of appreciated stock or other assets are additional ways that you may help REF continue to expand its efforts in promoting environmental literacy.  Should you wish to know how you can benefit from special tax consequences via trusts, bequests, or gifts, please contact our offices.

IN KIND GIFTS: Real estate, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, etc. Yes, we accept all of them.

URGENT REQUEST: A late model, 4WD pickup truck, for field/winter use; Mobile Home ( RV ), good condition, no bigger than 30 feet to facilitate housing staff for traveling programs around the states.

Wild Game Donations: Wild game is accepted under the following conditions: Legally taken, (no lead shot animals accepted), REF food donation certificate filled out and attached to donated game. Donation certificate: just click

Donations of various items can also be very important in allowing REF to assign limited funds to the most needed areas. Typical of other charities, we accept larger items such as automobiles, listed above, but we also have need of other items which many people may not think of as a gift.  Raptor food, such as old game meat (no ground meat) that needs to be cleared out for the next hunting season; used office equipment and used garden tools can also make a big difference. Or maybe you own a printing business and would like to provide your expertise to further our mission… the possibilities are many.  Thank you for your interest in assisting our goals.

You may also send donations to REF via Community Shares-keep in mind that Community Shares keeps 15% of all funds pledged to them, as do many other community pledge aggregators.
The Raptor Education Foundation can be designated through the Mile Hi United Way Mile High United Way (REF) Designation Code: 0294
Mile High United Way Main Office: 303-433-8383