EV’s Equal Ecocide

Since the great leap forward to provide free, clean, and plentiful electrons using sunshine and breezes a few researchers (engineering types) have been analyzing the real costs involved. In this video, Mark Mills illuminates the real cost of the EV push, which mirrors the hysteria to industrialize the planet’s surface and subterranean worlds in pursuit […]

The Cognitive Crisis Affects Everything

John Baker retired Assistant Chief of California Fish and Wildlife talks frankly about a multitude of issues affecting the environment and the political hypocrisy the climate change activists overlook as they pursue their good intentions. He talks about the death of raptors, especially golden eagles, with insider’s knowledge. One of the best forty minutes you […]

Raptor Day At Denver Botanic Gardens

Join us for the raptor experience of a lifetime at the Denver Botanic Gardens! We’ll have live raptors in Mitchell Hall, readings of the Fidget books by the author herself in the Helen Fowler library, and a brand new 15-minute film featuring wild raptors from around Colorado and beyond in the Freyer-Newman Center auditorium.
Programs will run in 90-minute intervals with showings at 10:00, 11:30 and 1:00. Tickets include all day entry to the Gardens and exclusive visits with the raptors and Raptor Education Foundation presenters and staff.