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Hypocrisy Heaven

Apparently, when you have multi-millions or billions of dollars, you are somehow immune from reality.  Until someone notices the emperor has no clothes. Jeffry Epstein can beguile scientists with his ideas to seed the world with his DNA or some other such eugenics nonsense, while his millions enable his criminally barbaric tastes in underage girls, […]

Heat Hysteria

North America’s summer season is heating up, but is it abnormal?  Some want to claim that climate change is the culprit, that carbon dioxide control is the solution, and some think that daily weather is climate.  A little history will, perhaps, put some perspective to what is normal and what is not when it comes […]

Energy Scam Settling Into Colorado

Forget about how many raptors and bats they kill…if you can.  We can’t. And never mind about the other birds and insects in their path.  How about you take a look at your own pocket book?  Are these wind farms improving your economic outlook?  Are they improving your environmental outlook?  Are they improving your energy […]

Wind Turbines Produce Carbon Dioxide

If the idea of wind turbines generating carbon dioxide free energy beguiles you, then take a look at this analysis.  The entire movement of creating free, clean and green electrons from sunshine and breezes to completely replace conventional energy sources has no basis in simple physics and basic math. The power of this movement actually comes […]

Gone With The Wind

When I came across this headline, I was immediately taken with its wisdom.  Sure, it is the title of a book and movie  about America’s civil war and reconstruction, but in the 21st century its reference to the war on wildlife and the environment is brilliantly encapsulated by those four words. This is one of […]

The Coming Winter of Our Discontent

The first day of summer in the northern hemisphere does not bode well for those promoting the future will fry the globe with their climate change, global warming, extreme weather mantra.  The evidence is far from supporting the hysterical claims by the religious zealots promoting their green new deal.  In fact, if you wish to […]

Skyrocketing Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the favorite words uttered by those with the green, clean, free energy agenda. Just remember, anything is sustainable until its not.  The average male Homo sapien living in the west is sustainable for about 75 years.  Females get another 5 years.  The average sustainable life span for hummingbirds is 3-5 years.  […]