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The Coming Winter of Our Discontent

The first day of summer in the northern hemisphere does not bode well for those promoting the future will fry the globe with their climate change, global warming, extreme weather mantra.  The evidence is far from supporting the hysterical claims by the religious zealots promoting their green new deal.  In fact, if you wish to […]

Skyrocketing Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the favorite words uttered by those with the green, clean, free energy agenda. Just remember, anything is sustainable until its not.  The average male Homo sapien living in the west is sustainable for about 75 years.  Females get another 5 years.  The average sustainable life span for hummingbirds is 3-5 years.  […]

Wind Power Ugliness

If the great open landscapes of land and sea covered with wind farms aren’t ugly, then maybe the image above meets that definition? Or maybe you like an industrialized view of the countryside that chops up birds and bats, and smashes insects into paste?  Or do you fancy the filthy process of mining and manufacturing […]

As California Burns

The lessons from California’s recent fires will fall on deaf ears, for many of the same reasons depicted in the HBO series, Chernobyl.  If you have any doubts then take some time to read this report, and watch the series, which captures the essence of a totalitarian system.  Then spend some time and effort to […]

Foxes, Hedgehogs, & Climate Change

Climate change has morphed into its current state of accuracy based on the predictions of numerous experts, who have so far been unable to produce any evidence to support their theories.  Climate models have been substituted for evidence, but even those models fall short of reality by many orders of magnitude in many of the […]

Understanding The Renewable Energy Folly

Harvesting allegedly free electrons falling on the surface of the earth or those liberated from being enslaved by wind currents seems to be an easy, clean, and pure solution to supplying Homo sapiens with their electrical needs, wants, and wishes. The reality of of accomplishing anything like this in an economic and environmentally friendly manner […]

Weather Station Vindication

For quite some time the location of weather stations gathering data on warming and cooling trends has been put into question, by serious researchers. Those questions were laughed at or simply dismissed by AGW, Global warming, Climate Change proponents, so now what will they do with an experiment that vindicates the skeptics? Despite NOAA admitting […]

Sweden’s Energy Stupidity

You might think that the description of Sweden’s energy pursuits as being stupid is pretty harsh, but reality is a harsh teacher.  For a country with the engineering prowess of Sweden, going down the path of powering an industrial behemoth with electrons from sunshine and breezes is “stupidity” to quote Albert Einstein.  But they are […]

The Cult of Climate Collusion

The science behind climate change is identical to the science behind Scientology. The followers and the proponents of both are a cult.  One part of the cult makes piles of money, while the other part of the cult supports a small group of the cult’s leaders.  It is a pyramid scheme that has its roots […]