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Remember The Snows of Kilimanjaro?

Remember the predictions by our climate sages that the snows and glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro would vanish?  Or, how about those same prophets telling us that the glaciers in Glacier National Park would be gone by 2020?  Not only were those sages wrong, they are very wrong, but you won’t hear about those predictions from […]

Planet of Humans

  WATCH THE FULL MOVIE FOR FREE The release of Michael Moore’s movie for this year’s Earth Day anniversary is wonderful timing.  And it is free!  While I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore’s political bent, I must say that after having read about this movie in some reviews months ago, and finally getting […]

Bats, Viruses, & Humans

The intelligence of humans is often represented as the zenith of evolutionary achievement. With 20,000 genes look at what Homo sapiens have created. We landed on the moon, we fly through the air, our creativity and our proclivities are communicated almost instantly to others across the globe using a digital environment, and on and on.  […]


Today, we are announcing that REF’s Founding President, Peter Reshetniak, stepped down from his position effective March 1st, 2020. He will be replaced by Anne Price, the current Curator of Raptors. As we begin restructuring our board and seeking new opportunities for our organization, we remain focused and mindful of our goal of continuing to […]

Warming By Recollection

“This nearly universally held belief that even the most skeptical of us tend to believe is “warming by recollection.” Virtually every person from snowy climes claims that winters today are nothing like they were when they were a child. This recollection reinforces the thought that we are experiencing global warming within our own lifetime. Never […]

Another Green Scam

Look at this beautiful contraption, look at the slick video, and then do some simple calculations to see if the claims are actually supported by simple physics.  Sadly most people will just look at the amazing contraption and will be sucked in by the slick video  to save the planet and help all those poor […]

Green Hypocrites

Prince Charles flies 16,000 miles on multiple private jets to stand next to Saint Greta the Green is just one of the examples of spouting  green purity and energy efficiency while  polluting  multiple times more than the average person on the planet would in a year.  But some of the worst of these hypocrites have […]

Crescent Dunes Dies

Solyndra’s bankruptcy was an early warning about solar energy being a viable alternative for supplying energy to maintain civilization’s needs.  Others followed, and now the collapse of one of the biggest centralized solar farms in the Nevada desert illustrates the failure of such government subsidized electron streams.  Guess who’s on the hook for those federal […]

Lessons From Australia

Watching the horrible reports on the devastating fires in my homeland is gut wrenching, but what’s more devastating is the reporting and political emanations attributing all the fires to climate change.  Ignoring the dozens of  arson arrests the press and public officials further ignore the chief culprit eloquently described by a veteran of Australia’s forest […]

Another Solar Alternative Bites The Dust

Solar proponents are attempting to cover up yet another alternative energy failure. Unfortunately their spinning the reality of what happened will only impress a media that is economically and ecologically illiterate. “Crescent Dunes was a serious project designed to attack the great weakness of solar electricity.  Sunshine is strongest in the middle of the day, but […]