Raptor Photography


Most photographers cannot afford the time or money to be in the field waiting for that one moment when you might capture a wild image that takes your breath away.  For over three decades, we have placed hundreds of photographers into positions where they may capture compelling pictures of our iconic raptors.  We have been making those moments possible for some of the most expensive photo safaris in the world. For the past 5 years  we have been making those opportunities much more affordable for everyone. We can also create custom photo opportunities via our consulting services.

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The two videos above are from our 2017 season.
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Sub Adult over Lake oct 28 2017Zina Balash
The stunning image above, of our young female bald eagle was captured by Zina Balash during our 2017 season.

Kestrel 2nd Shoot WEB

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Thanks to Dr. Sharon Minzer for sharing the Short eared owl photo (above) and the red-tailed hawk photo (below).

Red tail S Minzer