Solar Panels=Massive Energy Ponzi Scheme

For all the millions of square feet of solar panels being mined, processed, smelted and melted; then manufactured to be transported and erected a much larger supply  of coal, oil, gas, and diesel are consumed.  MUCH larger!  The amount of the dastardly carbon dioxide emitted in the process will never be considered in this energy intensive Ponzi scheme whose return on energy invested will never run a profit without consuming vast amounts of subsidies paid by taxes extracted from the middle classes. An energy illiterate populous that blithely demands the fantasy of free, green, clean electrons is completely oblivious to the enormous consumption of coal, oil, and natural gas that their delusions require.  Read this report if you dare.

Of course, most of this is produced in China: out of sight, out of mind! And if this hasn’t cheered you up, this article will, no doubt, deliver you to the state of Nirvana.

Updated: May 24, 2024 — 7:39 am