Weather Station Vindication

For quite some time the location of weather stations gathering data on warming and cooling trends has been put into question, by serious researchers. Those questions were laughed at or simply dismissed by AGW, Global warming, Climate Change proponents, so now what will they do with an experiment that vindicates the skeptics? Despite NOAA admitting […]

Sweden’s Energy Stupidity

You might think that the description of Sweden’s energy pursuits as being stupid is pretty harsh, but reality is a harsh teacher.  For a country with the engineering prowess of Sweden, going down the path of powering an industrial behemoth with electrons from sunshine and breezes is “stupidity” to quote Albert Einstein.  But they are […]

Open House

Our first open house of the season celebrates spring sneaking past winter’s recent storms. Come and meet our new snowy owl along with all of the other raptors we care for. This is a free event, but please RSVP so we know how many are coming.

The Cult of Climate Collusion

The science behind climate change is identical to the science behind Scientology. The followers and the proponents of both are a cult.  One part of the cult makes piles of money, while the other part of the cult supports a small group of the cult’s leaders.  It is a pyramid scheme that has its roots […]

North Pole Predictions

For decades the anointed IPCC scientists have been telling us the arctic sea ice would be gone.  The world would flood, and a variety of related disasters would doom civilization.  Humanity had to stop production of carbon dioxide.  Humans were guilty of the original sin of producing carbon dioxide, which was driving AGW, global warming, […]

Tesla Hypocrisy

Driving a Tesla is the zenith of being automotively green in the eyes of the gullible, but if you look beneath the shimmering surface the dirty reality might just shock you. Numerous studies show that by the time you produce the batteries for these electric beasts and charge them using electrons flowing from coal or […]

Galileo Wins Down Under!

The Church  and the Popes of Global Warming couldn’t behead him, they couldn’t burn him, but they could get him fired, and they did. They could torture him by cutting off his income, by assaulting his integrity, by smearing him in the public arena, and by putting the full weight of James Cook University on […]

The Awakening Begins

Communities across the world are beginning to awaken from the utopian promises of free, clean, alternative energy schemes that political elites have been promoting for several decades. The reality of all of those utopian promises does not comport with the real world. Besides killing wildlife, these schemes drive energy prices ever higher, and will never […]

New Energy Ordeal Reviewed

A recent report coming out of the Manhattan Institute details the reality behind the magical claims made by politicians that we can eliminate the combustion engine, eliminate oil consumption, rebuild all buildings in the United States, etc. A careful reading of the report by Senior Fellow, Mark Mills, should be the bucket of cold water […]