Wind Energy Facing Community Resistance

Germany and Australia are leading the way, and now American communities have awoken to the disaster that is the alternative energy mantra from the climate change cult.  These community groups are experiencing the negative health affects of ultra-sound emanating from these visual blights on open spaces. They are seeing the slaughter of their eagles, hawks, bats and other wildlife in much larger numbers than they were ever led to believe by corrupt politicians and wind energy schemers. They realize the only ones making money on these schemes are the billionaires reaping the federal tax credits or other financial manipulations to harvest the taxes paid by the middle class. They are realizing that alternative energy is not free, nor is it clean, nor is it environmentally friendly, or reliable.  It is certainly not economic as countries like Australia and Germany have the highest electrical rates in the world. Colorado’s politicians and schemers want you to believe it ain’t so! Read some reality!