Ex Obama Admin Environmentalist Sees The Light

And that light does not come from alternative energy without paying a horrible price, which is why we started our Stop Conflict Energy campaign years ago.  We have paid a price as well, but now Germany and Australia are turning on those who are selling this “final solution” to the energy problem.

The inevitable backlash against wind power started in Germany and it’s spreading, fast. The fact that chaotically intermittent wind power can’t be delivered as and when power consumers need it means the wanton destruction of pristine wilderness, bucolic landscapes, rural communities, and millions of birds and bats (including plenty of species on the brink of extinction) is pretty hard to justify.  Watch the video for the full effect of listening to one of Obama’s own seeing the light.

This is what we have been saying for decades.

Updated: September 8, 2019 — 5:51 am