It’s The Sample Size!

If you are familiar at all with any type of statistical research, then you are aware of the simple fact that sample size is the key to developing any predictive results from the data set you are investigating. If your data set has the possibility of a billion units of data and you only sample ten, while the other guy samples 100 million, who do you think will get a better result trying to predict anything about those billion units? Keep in mind, even 100 million samples will not help you in developing any predictions about something happening  within a system that has an infinite amount of variables, such as climate.  The IPCC has not only recognized and admitted that fact, but also admits that the sampling of the earth’s temperatures across the globe is woefully inadequate to have any predictive validity at all.

So what are we doing wasting all that money, killing all those eagles, other raptors, other birds, and bats by the millions?  All of that to produce unreliable, unpredictable, VERY expensive, dirty energy?