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Climate Crisis Review

“In sum, science shows that the earth’s warming over the last century is not dangerous in itself or catastrophic in its pace. Endangering the lives of people to address this modest change is the definition of irresponsible public policy, for which much of the media bear almost as much responsibility as the current administration.”  Read […]

Nyet Net Zero

The variety of delusions creating green halos swirling around the self anointed climate crusaders are many. Perhaps the greatest and most rewarding as judged by its acceptance by the gullible is the green washing scheme known as climate offsets, climate credits, carbon offsets,  or carbon credits. This remarkable report sheds light on another Ponzi scheme […]

A Sunburnt Country

I love a sunburnt country A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains.* Drought, then, is not exactly a new phenomenon in Australia. And with drought comes fire. Indeed, the aborigines or First Nations, or whatever the fashionable woke soubriquet is this week, used to conduct frequent controlled burnings […]

Just Facts: 30 Years Ago

  Thirty years ago and every year since, we have been bombarded by the scariest stories told to children to make them behave themselves or force them to go in a particular direction.  The stories, of course, in all cultures are just that…stories told to children.  The current story, however, has gripped the minds of […]

Wind Turbines Produce Carbon Dioxide

If the idea of wind turbines generating carbon dioxide free energy beguiles you, then take a look at this analysis.  The entire movement of creating free, clean and green electrons from sunshine and breezes to completely replace conventional energy sources has no basis in simple physics and basic math. The power of this movement actually comes […]