Why Wyoming Wind?

” …despite talk of wind energy being an energy source of the future, what it more nearly resembles is ranching of beef cattle which epitomizes an energy source of the past. Ranching beef cattle gathers a low density recurring resource (sunlight and rain) over enormous tracts of land as food energy, while wind energy gathers a low density recurring wind resource over enormous tracts of land as electrical energy.”  Read the full report that follows and follow the folly in our neighboring state as golden eagles, bald eagles, and other wildlife will pay the price with their lives for a totally irrational energy policy.

This is brought to you and enabled by the same people and the same thinking  that is pushing “plant-based meat” on a gullible public.  Remember, cattle ranching is plant-based meat production relying on millions of years of incremental evolutionary adaptations repeatedly tested by consumers over hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary testing. The Gate’s delusion of industrial/factory production of plant-based meat has nothing but wishful thinking supporting all of the premises involved in the massive energy footprints required to grow, gather, store, and process a wide variety of biological ingredients that may or may not provide the same nutritional or caloric value of land-based meat production, i.e., conventional evolutionary animal husbandry.  Claiming that plant-based industrially manufactured meat is cleaner, more ethical, and more moral suffers from the same delusional thinking that will sacrifice hundreds of eagles every year while harvesting unreliable, expensive, and polluting electrons via massive spinning killer blades. Don’t be fooled!

Read this please.    

Part Two

Updated: April 4, 2022 — 8:21 am