The Reality of Meatless

Getting into a discussion about the pros and cons of a vegan or vegetarian “lifestyle” as a way to save the planet generally  turns into a fatuous exchange of beliefs.  Homo sapiens, by their biological makeup are omnivores, i.e, they evolved to consume  diverse sources of nutrients. Based on where you appeared on the planet, your food choices are dictated by what’s readily available to your parents.  Eskimos are closer to being carnivores than people living in Mediterranean or tropical climates.  Their genetics evolved to adapt to what nutrient (energy) sources were readily available. Transportation systems enabled by fossil fuels have permitted  a vast cross section of humanity to have access to a much wider array of nutrients than was possible a little more than a century ago.  In general terms our health has improved as witnessed by our extended life expectancy and the growth of human populations.  Pushing a meatless belief system on creatures not evolved as vegans is absurd.  It is like asking an eagle to give up tasty rabbits in favor of tofu tidbits.  This video looks at the assumptions that the meatless mavens are spreading.  It is worth spending the time to watch.

Updated: July 17, 2021 — 8:15 am