The Perfect Correlation

Understanding that correlation is not causation is, perhaps, one of the most important lessons anyone can learn when observing the world around them. The increase in ice cream consumption is perfectly correlated with the increase of shark attacks.  However, does one increase in behavior cause the other increase in behavior of two different species?  Understanding why the answer is NO along with many other alleged “causes” is imperative to achieving a basic ecological grasp of how the biosphere behaves.  This video, by a doctor of ecology as defined in its most comprehensive sense as the study of the unified field of behavior should clear up a lot of what passes for “green” beliefs.  The good doctor is a Canadian and one of the founders of Green Peace. Enjoy a look at the large book of nature that you will experience as Patrick Moore unfolds its pages in an easy  to understand discussion.

Updated: September 29, 2021 — 11:20 am