The Cult of Climate Collusion

The science behind climate change is identical to the science behind Scientology. The followers and the proponents of both are a cult.  One part of the cult makes piles of money, while the other part of the cult supports a small group of the cult’s leaders.  It is a pyramid scheme that has its roots in ignorance being exploited by those who want power over small or large groups of the credulous. The history of Homo sapiens is the history of the culture of cults.  They all have similar traits, and the only thing that stands a chance of breaking Homo sapiens free from the cancer of cults is the  application of the scientific method. The proof of climate collusion has a 50 year history of being wrong with all of the predictions and alarms raised by the cult leaders, but they still have tax dollars keeping them afloat.

Here is a look at the climate of collusion that keeps the money pouring in.