President Dwight D. Eisenhower & The Golden Goose

President Eisenhower warned about these magical birds, but as usual history is littered with legions of those who are doomed to pursue what their emotions and wallets desire.

“People are fooled by prophets or gurus who pretend to have understanding beyond that of ordinary people. Such people may be called witch doctors by anthropologists studying African tribes. One has to ask who are the witch doctors fooling the anthropologists? The American Anthropological Association released a statement on climate change giving all-out support to the global warming fraud.

I don’t see an end to junk science because there’s too much money in it and the credible institutions that could puncture it lack objectivity and expertise. The ideological bias of the mainstream media attracts them to any crackpot theory that calls for more government money and power mobilized to solve the “problem.” For them the global warming narrative is wonderful because it provides an excuse for the government to regulate nearly everything.”  Read the full story here.

Updated: July 16, 2022 — 7:08 am