Planet of Humans



The release of Michael Moore’s movie for this year’s Earth Day anniversary is wonderful timing.  And it is free!  While I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore’s political bent, I must say that after having read about this movie in some reviews months ago, and finally getting to see the final cut, I’m very impressed. Since 1993 I have taken a strong position against all of the alternative energy scenarios being foisted on a very gullible public.  I took this position because solar and wind especially are devastating raptor populations and other wildlife, plus they make no environmental sense.  They are not clean or green.  They are greedy and mean as the movie so brilliantly illustrates.

I’ve not been alone in my perceptions in this matter, nor was I the first to be very suspicious of the claims of people like Al Gore, but it is not a politically correct position to be in if you fall into the environmentalist camp.  The Planet of Humans, however, should sway a great deal of people away from what has become another religion to cure the sins of mankind. Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Moore are to be commended for producing this very powerful documentary that will not win them many friends on the left.

Fair warning, if you are sensitive to the suffering of animals, the final few minutes of the movie are wrenching and sad.

Peter Reshetniak, Raptor Education Foundation Founder




Updated: May 30, 2020 — 5:54 am