Nuclear New Deal

Proponents of the Green New Deal are hysterically ignoring the soaring costs of solar and wind energy generation. Their climate change crusade considers anything but their religion worshiping clean, green, free electrons as blasphemy.  California’s mad rush to the altar at the center of the climate change crusade reveals the ugly truth of their alternative energy schemes: they cannot produce electrons when the electrons are most needed. California’s blackouts and brownouts this summer are all anyone needs to know.  South Australia has experienced the same outcome for the same reason.  All these schemes need reliable backup and it all falls on natural gas or diesel generators.  The tax payer pays twice and more.  Look at the electrical rates of any country or state where these schemes have taken hold and you will see that they have soared.  If the climate change crusaders really want clean, reliable, and cheap electrons logic dictates that they look at the new, small and modular nuclear power plants that are getting ready to take off.  But, as most of us know already, climate change crusaders are not logical, reasonable, or rational.  Read more here!

Updated: September 9, 2020 — 6:44 am