Is The Press Really This Stupid?

This report from the Wall Street Journal answers that question with a resounding YES!  The general media is either as stupid as it appears, or incompetent, or both.  Or, are they just lazy and ignorant, which equates to the same answer.  If one bothers to read any of the government reports (not just the summaries) on the current state of the world’s climate, one will quickly realize as the IPCC has readily admitted, predicted the global climate with all of the variables involved, is not possible!  But, since over 97% of the public (including the press) has not read those reports, the hoax continues. That’s it folks, that last admission undermines all of the bovine excrement that the press is attempting to pass off as real news.  This is how the likes of Algore, the munificent, has enriched himself off the subsidy labyrinth placed on the backs of American taxpayers.

Updated: December 9, 2018 — 5:14 pm