Hypocrisy Heaven

Apparently, when you have multi-millions or billions of dollars, you are somehow immune from reality.  Until someone notices the emperor has no clothes. Jeffry Epstein can beguile scientists with his ideas to seed the world with his DNA or some other such eugenics nonsense, while his millions enable his criminally barbaric tastes in underage girls, as the law looks the other way.  Then, of course, you can see the “A list” crowd as they are referred to jetting into their current exclusive hot spot, to burn energy by the ton, pump carbon dioxide into the air far more than some poverty stricken countries can produce in a year, as they indulge in their favorite foods and listen to each other bloviating about saving the planet from an alleged climate crisis. They are royals, ex presidents, movie stars, and wannabes who somehow think they have credibility?  They are just inflated hypocrites who must hang with each other, because nobody else will believe them.  Have you every seen one of them debate the issue? You never will.