How Many Dead Eagles Are Acceptable?


Dead Golden Wind Farm

We are always amazed by how “authorities” establish acceptable levels for various species to be sacrificed in pursuit of some noble goal.  In this case, we are being sold another “final solution” for ridding the world of that evil hydrocarbon energy that has given the world our current state of clean water, clean air, reliable and affordable energy for things like sewage treatment, medicine, food supplies, transportation, and on and on.  One way these “trusted” authorities do this is by manipulating data to mesmerize the peasants who sense something isn’t all as it is being sold.  Follow the money to see who benefits, and it is not the public.  It is always billionaire investors like Anschutz or Buffet who are harvesting federal subsidies  these schemes are built upon.  This hypocrisy knows no bounds,  One of Anschutz’ residences located in Colorado is his 45,000 acre Eagle’s Nest Ranch. Phil, how many dead eagles are okay?

Updated: April 4, 2018 — 1:40 pm