Galileo Wins Down Under!

The Church  and the Popes of Global Warming couldn’t behead him, they couldn’t burn him, but they could get him fired, and they did. They could torture him by cutting off his income, by assaulting his integrity, by smearing him in the public arena, and by putting the full weight of James Cook University on top of him.  Peter Ridd fought back!  He ran an international fund raising campaign and secured over $250K for his lawyers.  They took his case before the court, and they won! Hopefully, this will help strike a serious blow for scholastic freedom and freedom of speech in Australia.  Hopefully, this will slow the economic suicide Australian politicians are inflicting on “Aus” by their insane delusion that they can operate a modern industrial economy on electrons produced by sunshine and breezes.

From the Judge in the Peter Ridd victory:

218. Whilst none of this makes any difference at all to my ultimate decision, the actions of the University in this respect are, quite frankly, appalling. They have had no regard for the anguish that Professor Ridd felt between 24 August 2017 and 19 September 2017. There has not even been an apology for what can only be seen as extremely callous behaviour. This is inexcusable.

219. Instead, Professor Ridd is accused of being misleading and untruthful because, even though the University eventually allowed him to talk to his wife, he did not mention this when he made statements on his WordPress website.

220. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. On one hand, the University is finding that Professor Ridd has breached the Code of Conduct in that he has made public a number of items to do with the disciplinary process. On the other hand, he is accused of breaching the Code of Conduct in that he has not referred to all of that material when he has made this particular statement.

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