Consorting With The Energy Producers

Just a few weeks ago we had the good fortune to present one of our programs before the Western Energy Alliance up at the Devil’s Thumb Mountain resort in Colorado. The program was entitled, Eagles in the Energy Environment and was presented to approximately 100 representatives of oil and gas producers or related fields in the western United States. Energy production in the world has gone from lightning caused fires captured to heat caves and drive wild animals away while burning a little flesh for sustenance to the modern miracle of reliable generation of electrons that are the life support systems of modern civilizations. The improvements that have allowed Homo sapiens to step out of those caves and board trains, planes, automobiles and space ships have all been borne from the birth and spread of captured electrons to power modern civilization. Electrons liberated by our evolving knowledge from their prisons of coal, oil, water, and uranium. The history of all of this development is relatively recent should you care to go back to the industrial revolution and read about what led up to it, which finds us in our current dilemma of a certain group of people wanting to send us back to an age when energy supplies were unreliable, unpredictable, and horrendously more expensive. A time not too far back when life was nasty, brutish, and short.  Yes, the green revolutionaries want to blanket our wide open spaces with whirling blades that kill eagles, bats, bugs, and lots of other birds all the while making those electrons we rely on for our affordable lifestyles more and more expensive and unavailable. We are told that this must be done for the planet’s salvation and if we don’t act we have just a few days, months, or years to live normal lives.  In the audience at the Western Energy Alliance conference was Robert Bryce, writer and film producer who had introduced himself to us during the cocktail interlude before dinner. Here was someone who understood the plight of eagles and has written about them on a regular basis.  We are pleased to share his words with our members and followers.  The first article was from Forbes.  Others will follow.

And yes, we would like to thank our sponsors for this event, Occidental Petroleum and the Western Energy Alliance for supporting many of the same principles keeping us energized for 41 years.  Peter Reshetniak:Founder.