Wildcat Mountain Golden Eagles

Welcome to the 2022 nesting season on Wildcat Mountain! This year, in collaboration with the Highlands Ranch Community Association Backcountry Wilderness Area, we’re documenting our beloved pair of golden eagles as they work to rebuild their nest and hopefully raise some eaglets. Stay tuned for intimate and exciting glimpses into the challenging and beautiful life of our wild eagle neighbors. This is the 12th consecutive year this golden eagle pair has nested on Wildcat Mountain. Courtship for the eagle pair begins in December and the trails close January 1st to prevent human disturbances from impacting their nesting process and to comply with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Laws. They typically begin incubating by late February or early March which is the marker to close the Douglas County trail directly below the nest. Appropriate trail closures are in place through August if the nest is successful.

The videos below will be stacked with the most recent on top