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Enjoy the start of our 40th anniversary by giving yourself all three of our beautiful books!  Featuring the best raptor illustrations you will find anywhere, you can own all three for the exclusive price of  $32.95.  Just in time for the holiday season!  The Raptors of North America has all of North America’s raptors with text by REF’ s Curator, Anne Price, illustrated by one of the best American wildlife artists ever to come out of the 20th Century, Donald L. Malick.  The Fidget set was created by Stacey Patterson, telling the delightful and scientifically accurate story of a young peregrine falcon.  They are illustrated by one of the world’s best living wildlife artists, Russia’s Vadim Gorbatov.

See more of Vadim’s work here.

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Our Raptor Book Trio Special

Our beautiful poster photographed and composited by Marilyn  Stevens measures 20″ x 11.5″ and is printed on heavy poster-board.  Suitable for framing or will stand on its own.  To our knowledge this is the only available photographic sequence of a juvenile bald eagle showing off its plumage changes as it matures.  Limited offer and price includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.A.  Please keep in mind that we are not an Amazon robotic facility.  During the holiday season shipping is processed as fast as our human system can fulfill your requests.  Thank you!

4 year bald eagle study