Snowy Owl Memorial Fund

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After the sudden death of our snowy owl due to a chronic fungal infection (see full report), we have had numerous requests to establish a memorial fund that would support all the veterinary care aspects of our current and future birds.  This would include, but not be limited to the following: intake exams, radiography and other imaging technologies, vaccinations, emergency veterinary care, pathology work, regular medications, full necropsy studies, specialized lab work, and surgery.

All our PayPal buttons below are coded to let us know these contributions are directed to SOMF.  If you wish to send a check, please make sure it includes the code SOMF on the check so that we may direct those funds accordingly.  Send to our PO Box below. The drop down menu with pre-set amounts has multiple options.

Contributors names will automatically be listed below.  No amounts will be shown.  If you wish no listing, please let us know and we will show your contribution as anonymous. Thank you very much for your thoughts and support of this vital aspect of our long-term raptor care.  If you wish to watch this snowy owl come into our collection on its first day, owl, just click here.

SOMF Support

If you wish to submit your own amount, please use the button below.  Thank you.

Mailing address: Raptor Education Foundation, PO Box 200400, Denver, CO 80220.  Please designate checks with SOMF.

Phone contributions via credit card: 303-680-8500

Photo of our snowy owl flying (top) by Zina Balash, Portrait of our snowy owl (bottom) by Marilyn Stevens.