Schedule Of Consulting Services

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CATEGORY 1 (A): $100 per hour *               

Note: All categories below are charged “portal to portal” or when we leave our offices until we return, plus all associated expenses such as travel, housing for staff and birds, and  our staff  meal per diem.  Discounts apply to repeat business, multiple engagements, and/or other considerations determined at the time you are quoted a price.   Minimums required in some categories.  Categories 1 & 2 are priced at man-hours. 

1) Marketing Development/Seminar/Program/Project Development: Research and Evaluate asset inventory (including personnel, flora/ fauna, existing physical plant). Review existing market(s), develop strategy/tactics and any research materials/ tools; phone consultations*. Note: Flora and Fauna inventory is only taken to levels dealing with general natural history education/marketing needs and not scientific issues unless an EIS is required.
Note: Seminar/Program Development is priced according to the categories (A. B, C) required to implement design and execution of seminar or program requested.  Raptor census or monitoring issues are covered in this category with an existing EIS, or see category 2 if an EIS  is required.

2) Development of Promotional/marketing tools: Review existing materials, survey existing and new client base, brochure development: copy writing, illustration/photography, brochure design, interpretive materials/ displays, printing/ quality control, pricing control for printed materials, mailing; phone consultations.

3) Pest Control: Evaluation, design, and implementation of pest control systems using raptorial predators and/or combinations of mechanical systems such as our exclusive Large Zone Trapping Stations to manage and/or eradicate pest species (pigeons, starlings, cotton tail rabbits, etc) at various locations such as vineyards, airports, etc. Interested parties should request our one sheet flyer describing  REF’s Large Area Integrated Prey Management System (LAIPMS), which is the first integration of prey/pest species management techniques with computer technology, another REF exclusive. Pricing is combined with Category 2 when required.

Minimum 3 hour consultation charge for initial evaluation.

*Urgent Trapping: If you require immediate removal of a raptor species from a location, our set rate for this service is $150/hour with a 3 hour minimum.  Additional time is billed at 30 minute increments and urgent trapping requires payment in advance. We give your urgent needs priority within our normal schedule. All schedules start when we leave our offices in Brighton, until we return.

4) Nature Center Development and Design, Natural Project Development/Management: Complete services from feasibility studies to development and design,  construction oversight, programs, displays, ongoing membership support, general operations, etc. Natural  Project Development to fit your development into any given environment within the highest environmental standards available.

Priced at Category 1 and Category 2 rates, depending on phases of project, plus additional fees for outside consultants if required.

5) Raptor Management, Training, and Acquisition: Complete services to help your institution navigate the myriad of regulations involving raptor acquisition, from locating specific species, to acquiring the necessary permits from state and federal agencies.  We will provide comprehensive training of your staff to handle and train raptors for programs; how to manage and house your raptors for proper health and safety (making specialized furniture and equipment, coping, and preventative health and safety measures), and/or we can train raptors for your program/show.  For organizations relying on volunteers  to handle their raptors, we have the most thorough raptor handling program in the United States.  Our training programs emphasize, biology, ecology, anatomy, identification, regulatory compliance, raptor health, and educational programming techniques.  Limited to AZA organizations, accredited museums, or licensed falconers, RIT candidates, and docent candidates of accredited organizations.

6)Wildlife Officer/Agent Training Clinics and Support Services: Introducing state and federal field officers to raptor identification, banding, assessment of housing for raptors used in falconry, appropriate husbandry and equipment etc. Evidence assessment, expert witness support, economic evaluations of wildlife losses and impact on wild and non-wild ecosystems.


CATEGORY 2 (B): $125/hour

1) Regulatory Research: Assist in compliance with Federal, state, local, provincial, regional matters pertaining to product, service, and site development, including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS); phone consultations.

2) Document Preparation: writing, editing, illustration of all final and preliminary reports pertaining to marketing, promotion, and financial needs; phone consultations, and pest control. Development of independent endorsements for products and/or services.

“The only wildlife theater company in America promoting science to cure Nature-Deficit Disorder”

Note: charges are “portal to portal” or when we leave our offices until we return.  Discounts apply to repeat business, multiple engagements, and/or other considerations determined at the time you are quoted a price.   Minimums required in some categories.


CATEGORY 3 (C): $150-$200/hour**

3 hour minimum for this category plus minimum set-up charge of $50.

1) On site educational programs with raptors (only U.S.A. venues)-special program development for trade shows, conventions, expositions, special events, state fairs, etc.Our raptors can appear in a variety of settings.  If their appearance will require multiple day schedules and we are more than 1.5 hrs from our Brighton, CO facility, an overnight stay might be necessitated. This will require that the contracting entity supply a secure room-dimensions based on quantity  and type of birds- with access to water, and proper ventilation. This room and the appearance venue will be evaluated when we inspect the program site. REF will supply all the specialized equipment to safely overnight its raptors. Flying Programs: Should your venue be appropriate, a flying program might suit your needs.  These programs will also require early arrival for rehearsing our birds and staff on site. The number of rehearsal days is based on a variety of factors which are determined after our site inspection and programming needs are established. Non-Flighted Programs are less complicated, but our performance venue must be carefully planned as to its placement to deal with our raptor’s special needs. Scripting: should your needs involve developing a custom script, scripting time is charged at $100/hr prior to our arrival. Non-performance days, travel days,  and rehearsal days are charged at a reduced rate based on several factors. Note: bird maintenance, and training takes place every day, and site-inspection visits are charged at our minimum rates plus associated costs for travel,  food, etc.  These costs (site inspection) are paid in advance of our visit.

REF’s various programs are simply the best available.  We will be pleased to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in creating a unique experience for your event.

**Pricing based on quantity and type of birds used.

2) Models: use of raptors in still or motion photography. Fees based on usages, regional/ national/ international rights. Preparatory training of raptors for special uses. Initial consultation required for strategy/tactics, script review etc.  Wildlife Photo-shoots: utilizing our birds in natural settings for professional and amateur photographers.   Some restrictions apply.


Specialized seminars are available or can be created on request and are priced according to any of the categories above depending on program content, use of live raptors, duration, and quantity of participants… see our Programs page.

 SPECIES LIST– REF has the most comprehensive group of indigenous raptors in North America.  These species immediately available.  Not all birds available for flighted programs. Bald Eagle (2-both sexes) Red tailed hawk, Golden Eagle  (2) 37 year old female, Swainson’s Hawk  (2) including Rufous morph, Merlin (dark), American  Kestrels both sexes, Screech Owl (Eastern-grey & red), Ferruginous Hawk,  Harlan’s Red-tailed Hawk: Light Morph,  Harris’ Hawk, Barred Owl,  Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl, Great-horned Owl, Snowy Owl, Broad-winged hawk, Turkey Vulture – male, Goshawk -female   Cooper’s Hawk,  Prairie Falcon (male), Rough legged Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, Mississippi Kite, Broad-winged Hawk

Note: Species list changes and additional species may be available on short notice. Exotic raptors also available by special request.

Engagement Protocols 


Pricing is determined by a variety of factors that will be evaluated at the time of the initial consultation.  Minimum charges are $100/hr  plus all associated expenses such as travel, housing for staff and birds, and  our staff  meal per diem.   Unless waived, our billing system charges Portal to Portal, i.e. from when we leave our facility until we return.  Discounts for repeat customers (3rd contract).


The Foundation bills on a bi-monthly basis with *minimum 1/4 hour increments for phone consultations. Billing Statement includes hours and category description plus expenses based upon pre-authorized expense/retainer form. Retainer payments are to be received within ten working days of billing for any work to continue. All work will be billed according to the Fee Schedule, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. All payments are to be made in U.S. funds payable to Raptor Education Foundation.


The Foundation will begin providing its consultation services upon receipt of a signed contract accompanied by the minimum deposit and/or the advance retainer. Deposit must accompany return of contract, and work will commence upon receipt of Retainer Advance. Retainer to be received within 10 days of contract execution date for contract price to be valid, or as noted on Expense/Retainer Form.

Any unused portions of Retainer Advance will be credited to subsequent retainer period or refunded if work is completed. Deposit is credited towards final balance upon completion of consultation services. No Refunds made for work completed.

RUSH CHARGES: All Scheduled Fees may be doubled if services are contracted with less than 10 days notice for work to commence unless specifically waived.

Raptor Education Foundation is a non-profit 501-C-3 Charitable Organization.

Natural Solutions for a High Tech World