Reissue Voucher

If your Voucher has expired or been lost, you will need to pay a $20 reissue fee per Voucher.  If you must have your reissued Voucher quickly i.e., by a certain date, you will need to pay an additional $20 Rush fee per voucher. We will send your reissued Rush Voucher to your email address. Otherwise, we take 3-7 days to process your reissued Voucher and it will be sent via regular mail.

Your membership must be current and only your original Voucher may be reissued.

Please use the PayPal buttons below to pay. Thank you for your continued support of Colorado’s oldest raptor sanctuary.

Reissue Voucher Payment. Use drop down menu to select quantity.

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RUSH PROCESSING for your Reissue Voucher(s).  Use drop down menu to select quantity.

Reissue Rush Voucher Processing