Refund Policy

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Membership Dues: The Raptor Education Foundation’s membership dues, fees, etc, are refundable within ten-days of your membership being processed. Refunds will be in full except for an administrative processing fee of $20 for any membership level that does not include any associated premium.   After ten days from when your membership payment has been processed, no refunds are permitted.

Membership levels that include a Colorado Respects Wildlife license plate premium may be refunded within the first ten days after processing, only if  the member returns all materials and premiums undamaged, including your original exclusive Voucher authorizing the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to issue REF’s exclusive Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates to you. If the member cannot return the registered Voucher, or if the member has been issued the Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates, no refunds are permitted.

Products: The Raptor Education Foundation’s refund policy permits refunds for any products it sells on its web site, provided any such products are returned undamaged to REF offices within 30 days of purchase.

Voucher: If you lose your Voucher or it expires (90 days from date of issue) REF will reissue your Voucher after an administrative fee of $20 is collected via check, or credit card payment.