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Thanks for visiting and taking some time to meet the owls in our care.  We’re often asked what they eat. Their diet in captivity includes rats and mice. In the wild, depending on the species of owl, they may also eat snakes, prairie dogs, insects, other small animals, and road kill. If you would like to help us feed the owls, you can contribute by clicking the button near each owl’s description.  Or help us by adoption!

 Snowy Owl: Bubo scandiacus
Date of Birth: ?     Sex: male  Weight: 47 oz    Wingspan: 4 ft.

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 Barred Owl: Strix varia
Date of Birth: Unknown      Sex: male  Weight26 oz    Wingspan: 3 ft.
Our male barred owl was found by a road in the Jasper-Pulaski State Wildlife Area in Indiana in the late fall of 2013.  He had likely been hit by a car. After being rehabilitated for a fractured left humerus, we received him in August of 2014.
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 Short-earred Owl: Asio flammeus
Date of Birth: Unknown      Sex:  Weight    Wingspan: 3 ft.
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Screech Owls: Megascops asio -gray and red morph
Dates of Birth: Unknown     Sex: Males  Weight: 5.2 and 4.3 oz  Wingspan: should  be 12 in.
These eastern screech owls were both hit by cars which resulted in both birds have totally compromised wings.  Though they cannot fly, both maneuvers around their special pen very well, and like to sit up as high as possible.  Screech owls are very powerful for their size. They eat a variety of bugs, small rodents, and birds.
photo by Marilyn Stevens
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 Barn Owl: Tyto alba 
Date of Birth: 2005       Sex: male Weight: 15 oz    Wingspan: 3 ft.
 Our new male barn owl arrived from Tucson, Arizona in May 2007.  Although the records of his early days in captivity are unclear, we believe he was probably hit by a car sometime the year he hatched, or in early 2006. His right wing was fractured at the elbow, resulting in his inability to fly.  Prior to taking him, he had been transferred from one Tucson area rehabilitator to another, who used him to foster young, orphaned barn owls before their release back to the wild.
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 Great-horned Owl: Bubo virginianus
Date of Birth
: 2015      Sex: Male  Weight: 53oz    Wingspan:48 inches
He jumped early from his Michigan nest in 2015, fracturing his right wing in the process. He was on the ground for about a week behind a barn before he was finally picked up and brought to rehab. Great horned owls are the most common large owl in North America. Their diet is that of a generalist, meaning they will consume everything from earthworms, beetles, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. They are found in a wide variety of habitats, including the center of large city-scapes.
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