For those who have reached the top, and wish to soar above the crowd… The 
Fellowship of Eagles:
The Golden Eagle Fellowship

Eagle Fellowships include both individuals and businesses 

The Golden Eagle Fellowship supports the following:

lOne eagle’s care, feeding, and housing for three   months. Your choice of Bald or Golden Eagle.
lFive school programs in Colorado. lOne special program (yearly over 3 years) for an event of your choice*
lGeneral activities associated with the Eagle Defense Network.

The Golden Eagle Fellowship confers the following privileges on each  Eagle Fellow:

lLifetime Membership in REF.
lOne 16 x 20 portrait of REF’s first Bald Eagle.  This is the world’s only bald eagle portrait created using an 8×10 format camera. lInvitations (annually) to exclusive Eagle Fellowship events.
lA picture of you and one of REF’s Golden Eagles.
lFive Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates for member and/or as gifts each year for  5 years.  Fellow or gift recipients  must be Colorado resident(s).  

To join the Golden Eagle Fellowship, a minimum $5,000 donation is required.
  Request that an REF representative  contact you.
Online Membership Donation

*Some restrictions apply-This is only a partial listing of Fellowship privileges/opportunities. Please request a hard copy booklet for complete and current information.

The Golden Eagle Fellowship

The Double Eagle Fellowship

The Diamond Eagle Fellowship

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