For those who have reached the top, and wish to soar above the crowd… The 
Fellowship of Eagles


Raptor Education Foundation’s exclusive membership. The Fellowship of Eagles supports REF’s educational programs, housing, care, and feeding of REF’s eagles.  The Fellowship implies a higher level of financial and personal commitment to REF’s  goals.

Three  Fellowship levels provide for different degrees of privileges and commitments.  Members of the Fellowship receive all the normal membership privileges,  such as their card, and all publications, but they also receive the exclusive rewards of being in the Fellowship as described below.

The Golden Eagle Fellowship

The Double Eagle Fellowship

The Diamond Eagle Fellowship

Crafts Gallery collectibles: Our brand new Crafts Gallery opens with truly unique ways to celebrate  the beauty of raptors for any  sincere raptorphile. Together with our new Arts Gallery, you will be seeing the finest in raptor art, brought together for you from all over the world. Visit our Raptor Collection and see what we offer.  All revenues support our environmental education and research projects.

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