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New world vultures, the Turkey Vulture, the Black Vulture, and the California Condor are part of  America’s avian cleaning crew. They are designed to discover and dispose of a variety of animal carcasses. Some also eat vegetable matter. Feed Me? If you decide to help feed our Turkey Vulture,  you will receive an annual membership, which means you can come out and watch him eat if scheduling permits.  If you sign up to feed our vulture for 3 months, we will also send you a Vulture Culinary Certificate and a Voucher to receive our Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates for your car (if you are a Colorado driver), and you can promote respect for wildlife everywhere you drive. If you are not a Colorado driver, we will send you a beautiful picture of our vulture.

You can select more months to feed this beautifully ugly fellow by simply adding  more months to your shopping cart. We will adjust your membership accordingly.

Turkey vulture: Cathartes aura
DOB: , Sex: male
Weight: 72 oz., Wingspan: 5ft.


Help feed me.  I eat the equivalent of  4 ounces of a variable diet every day, and to raise, ship and store enough food for one month costs about $1.50/day. Feed me for one month: @$45.00 Feed me for 3 months: @$135.00


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