Climate Change, Global Warming, AGW

  Our Position on AGW/Global Warming/Climate Change: Since we have had the ability to have an internet presence (right after Algore invented it) our position on this subject has remained consistent. In 2001, the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) the political body governing the science of AGW as it was then known, issued their […]

Climate By The Numbers

If you want to become more expert than the entire Obama administration, including the EPA, then spend one hour watching this video. You will then understand what the real world numbers say about climate change.  The presenter’s credentials are impeccable.  Once you finish watching you will understand why we have come out so strongly against […]

Settled Science Proves Unsettling.

Once again, the 97% consensus hoax is shown for the fraud it is after 66 years of “settled science” by government committees being reversed.  Once again, the “experts” had it wrong!  Bureaucracy is not science, neither is politics, and both are creatures of committee or group think.  Remember this as you explore the coming new […]

Climatologists Are No Einsteins

I encourage everyone to read the linked article about Freeman Dyson, who took over after Albert Einstein at Princeton University. Despite being smarter than virtually everyone on the planet, Dyson is simple and direct in how he approaches science and its pursuits. The measure of real intelligence could very well be how easily someone can […]

Catholics To Preach Global Warming

If it is not enough for the Catholic Church to attempt to save people’s souls, the current Pope deems his mission includes saving the planet from the scientology of global warming and climate changing bamboozlement.  This article provides a little more in depth commentary, but make sure you read the public comments about the Church’s […]

Destroying Science

If you want to wake up and discover where the war on science begins and ends, this article is a real eye opener. Virtually everything you have been seeing in media, hearing and reading from the experts has been twisted, distorted, and colored to represent a view that poisons scientific enquiry. The “surprise” of the […]

Musky Odor Predicts Rotten Future

The man who is the quintessential high tech farmer of taxpayer funds is billionaire Elon Musk.  His abilities to turn his dreams into personal wealth are astonishing, but can he actually create something that will stand on its own merit without the massive dollars reaped from American taxpayers?  Will the new administration continue supporting this techno-engineering […]

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