Science Deniers In Wind Industry

The industrial wind farming cartels that generate massive federal tax credits for billionaires like Buffet and Anschutz while killing tens-of-thousands of birds and bats, while creating zero reliable and cheap energy are also spreading their benefits to local human inhabitants.  The health consequences of living in the proximity of even one set of those massive spinning […]

Raptor ID Course: Signs of Spring

REF is proud to once again present our Signs of Spring raptor ID class, featuring species which are both “coming and going”. As we eagerly await the warm days of Spring and glimpse the first crocuses pushing up through the ground, our state’s raptors are already on the move! Some species are heading north, some […]

Clean Green Energy Insanity

Here  is a classic example of the consequences of violating a simple principle relating to AGW/Global Warming/Climate Change as reported by the IPCC in their own Third Assessment Report ( 2001), where they write “In climate research and modelling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that […]

The Great Carbon Con Footprint

To all of those purveyors of carbon taxes, carbon footprints, carbon threats and so forth and so on. Mother Nature has just blown up the entire premise of AGW/Global Warming/Climate Change with the discovery of a massive lake of molten carbon beneath the United States.  This is just another blow to those delusional enough to […]

Extreme Corruption At NOAA Revealed

In order to push through a predetermined outcome at the Paris gathering of world leaders a  NOAA scientist has blown the whistle on a massive piece of climate change corruption, which clearly  illustrates the extent of rot in the political science behind AGW/Global Warming/Climate Change. And if that previous bombshell is not enough, how about another […]

Climate Change, Global Warming, AGW

  Our Position on AGW/Global Warming/Climate Change: Since we have had the ability to have an internet presence (right after Algore invented it) our position on this subject has remained consistent. In 2001, the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) the political body governing the science of AGW as it was then known, issued their […]

Climate By The Numbers

If you want to become more expert than the entire Obama administration, including the EPA, then spend one hour watching this video. You will then understand what the real world numbers say about climate change.  The presenter’s credentials are impeccable.  Once you finish watching you will understand why we have come out so strongly against […]

Settled Science Proves Unsettling.

Once again, the 97% consensus hoax is shown for the fraud it is after 66 years of “settled science” by government committees being reversed.  Once again, the “experts” had it wrong!  Bureaucracy is not science, neither is politics, and both are creatures of committee or group think.  Remember this as you explore the coming new […]

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