Ice Age Cometh?

AGW/Climate Warming acolytes will tell you that if its cold or hot outside it is because of Climate Change. Everything that changes the weather is climate change, and of course, you cannot argue with that logic.  It’s like saying everything is caused by God. You cannot prove it, nor can you disprove it.  The history […]

The Cloud Trumps Solar & Wind

Few people, so dependent on the digital flow of information stop to consider where all that energy comes from to fuel their digital demands, their cyber sleuthing, or their electronic entertainment.  If they think alternative energy schemes will keep the cloud humming, this article will be a cold bucket of water dumped on their subsidized dreams.

Temperatures Continue Decline

Despite the hysterical headlines of immanent heat death, the world-wide temperature data after El Nino show that temperatures across the globe are declining.  This, despite the increase in carbon dioxide.  So where are the models with their predictions?  It appears as if all the AGW/Climate Change models are not sustainable if you consider real-world data. […]

Earth Day Revelations

Coming this weekend, is the human celebration of earth’s resources that are host to billions of Homo sapiens, trillions of viruses and bacteria, a myriad of photo-chemical processes, botanical expressions of the same, and innumerable expressions of fauna dining on whatever suits their constitutional makeup.  Excluding humans from the image created by the former description of […]

The Delusion Of Free Energy

Faux politicians and environmentalists have many things in common, however, the most destructive attribute shared by both is forgetting the lessons of history and being illiterate in the principles of science. Despite their pleas to everyone’s heart that they care so much about nature, etc., their actions betray their hypocrisy.  This example about the pursuit […]

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