Earth Day Revelations

Coming this weekend, is the human celebration of earth’s resources that are host to billions of Homo sapiens, trillions of viruses and bacteria, a myriad of photo-chemical processes, botanical expressions of the same, and innumerable expressions of fauna dining on whatever suits their constitutional makeup.  Excluding humans from the image created by the former description of this unified field of behavior (ecosystem) science has never found any evidence that this massive, wiggly field of living, squirming, moving, breathing, reproductive activity is anything but spontaneous in its origins.  It has no political boss or overlord controlling it.  However, introduce humans into the field, and suddenly you see evidence of this unified field being subjected to a variety of anthropomorphic projections designed to tame, conquer, and predict this natural spontaneous order.  Politics appears in all of its permutations, but they are all just variations of an alpha male or female directing things to a desired outcome most often dictated by the Alpha unit.

If the natural spontaneous order has an underlying controlling principle it appears to be best described as a meritocracy, or “from each according to their abilities.” Evolution is a record of the successes and failures of those abilities.  Most humans, however, have been beguiled by the second part of that well known phrase, “to each according to their needs.”   As soon as you admit that second axiom into the human constitution, all sorts of mischief and tragedy follows.  History is full of human folly attempting to work against nature’s underlying directive of meritocracy.  The following links reveal just some of the folly in all of its convoluted machinations.

From how the Sierra Club started and evolved, to the California madness that tends to infect the rest of the country.

What will this year’s Earth Day accomplish for the earth?  I tend to agree with George Carlin in this matter.


Peter Reshetniak,

Updated: April 20, 2017 — 3:46 pm

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